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Winter is certainly upon us and though many riders might put their riding aside until the spring arrives, many more of us will choose to ride through it. There is one thing in winter that makes Learners and Experienced riders equal on all fronts and that's the Cold and the Wet! I liken riding in the wet to going to the beach with your shoes on: No matter how well you do them up, a little sand always gets in!

Of course there are some fantastic options in wet weather riding gear available today. A visit to your local Dealership will show you the range of options and price. But if in fact your budget is a little thin right now, I thought I'd share just a few simple ideas, passed down through the generations that are both efficient and economical.


There is a very simple and inexpensive way to keep your hands dry. It goes without saying that windchill is a real bummer so the dryer you can stay, the happier you will be! The next time you go to the supermarket, grab a pair of those gloves they sell for food preparation. They are basically like surgical rubber gloves. Wack them on under your riding gloves and your digits will stay largely dry. There is one potential drawback though. You can end up with sweaty hands that get just as damp and clammy even if they aren't as cold. Depending on the type of ride you are doing, it can certainly be a great no frills solution. Especially if you happen to get caught out somewhere on a ride as there is generally a supermarket close by some place.


This one is pretty similar to the one above only it's a little cheaper. Dive under the kitchen sink and take a hand full of those plastic shopping bags you have there. Wack your socks on and before you put your boot on, place your socked foot into one of the bags (preferably the one without holes). In an effort to help "waterproof" your foot you can tie up the top and neaten it up (NOT too tight mind!). Once you pull down the cuffs of your pants, nobody would know you were wearing "bags". Dry Feet! Again, you guessed it, it can have the same drawback as above only with much stinkier and potent results! If you are on a long distance over nighter be sure to do everyone a favour and leave your feet outside!


The hardest thing in winter is keeping the cold out. A Neck Warmer will do you wonders. Most times our jackets are doing better than we think, it's just that the cold gets in (and stays in!). A Neck Warmer or a scarf with your jacket OVER the top of it will keep out an amazing amount of chill. If you go with the scarf option, just be sure to do it up and/or tuck it into your jacket. If it flags out in the breeze it will become annoying and basically dangerous.

Well there's a few ideas to help you keep a little warmer and happier this winter while you're on the roads.

Keep on Smiling and Keep on Riding.