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Mandurah Motorcycle Training

0400 093 624....................Everything you need!


Due to Ted and his motorbike training techniques and experiance i passed my bike test first time with very few lessens. He makes every aspect of riding seem easier and more relaxed. Top school and would recommend to anyone. Thanks for everything.



A big thank you goes to Ted, who prepared me to pass my R-Class license! He went over and above what was required and not only taught me the necessary skills to pass and stay alive, but equipped me with the knowledge (ins and outs of a motorbike), confidence, refined my road craft and more importantly, noticed and corrected some bad habits i had formed. He explained concepts in a variety of ways and lessons were always engaging and built on from previous weeks. Thank you again Ted for your patience with me, i love being a rider!

Aly Coxon

Rider Enthusiast

ITS ALL IN THE RESULTS...totaly impressed with Teds knowledge and delivery method. A true professional at a budget price.My rider awareness has improved dramatically, along with an improved knowledge for a 100% confidence when riding. i would not hesitate to recommend Ted for training no matter what skill level.I certainly will go back for advanced tecnique training .Once again ITS ALL IN THE RESULTS. ps.... Teds honesty in his training is a compliment to his buisness. you dont come across that very often these days. GOOD ONYA MATE.......Safe riding

jerry barnes


I started with Ted & not long afterwards I dropped my bike at home. It wasn't a bad situation but it really scared me. I came back to him doubting my abilities. Ted worked with me over a number of weeks, and helped me rebuild my confidence to a new level. Ted really cares about his students enjoying their riding and encourages everyone to ride within their own comfort zone. I would recommend Ted to anyone looking to ride motorcycles. He gave me options, so now when things go wrong, I am not panicked, I know I have a number of things to do to help myself. I am in control of my bike, not the other way around. Thank-you Ted. You are a wonderful instructor!

Jacqueline Lawson

A motorcycle rider with options!

Ted provides a non discriminatory one on one learning experience with a high focus on safety for you THE RIDER .... its refreshing to see someone, quite naturally, drop the domineering "I'm the teacher ... you will listen" attitude. Ted's industry professionalism and genuine desire to see you THE RIDER not only emerge but to succeed, provides a marvellously helpfull , intuitive and relaxed environment..... Go on the time is now and enjoy the experience.

Shaun Roe

Dip OH&S - CertifiedTrainer / Assessor

I went to Ted with no experience and a dream to learn to ride a bike! Not only did Ted have me up and riding in a few lessons he provided a highly dedicated teaching service and the ability to make you feel completely at ease on the road. He explains things clearly and gives praise always. Looking forward to going back for a few tips before upgrading to my R class!


Stoked Motorbike Rider

It's been a long dream of mine to learn to ride. Starting later in life I wanted to make sure I got taught well and safely. Ted is an awesome teacher, with lots of patience, helps you step by step to live that dream from beginning stages to rider assessment and beyond. I'm now a safe well practiced rider enjoying each ride because Ted has made that possible through his excellent instruction techniques.


Living my dream

I started lessons with Ted with little/no motorbike experience. He had me riding in no time and was willing to fit in with my busy schedule. Very highly recommended. Thanks Ted


Previous student

Ted's patience helped me overcome my lack of confidence of riding after an accident I had when I was on my restricted licence. His teaching ability made me a better rider and I am now enjoying riding again, now on my un-restricted licence! Thanks Ted.

Lubin Dinnie


Ted's passion was to get me riding with safety and confidence. His patience and ability to create a unique learning structure on the spot makes him a top choice for literally anyone wanting to ride. I've developed some great techniques thanks to Ted, and now I'm hitting the road with more confidence and enjoyment than I thought possible. Thanks Ted!

Nick Bertke

The Best

Thanks Ted for the lessons and tips,been riding for alot of years and now feel in control of the bike..not the other way round.This guy knows his just need to be willing to listen. Thanks again mate.


Controlled braking.

Thanks Ted for all your help in getting my 250 licence. I will keep doing those mono's for you champ thanks mate



Ted has been instrumental in helping me to attain both my restricted and unrestricted licences. I will always be grateful for his patience, passion, kindness and willingness to share his accumulated knowledge. Thanks for helping me to become the rider I am. Pauline


Hi just like to thank Ted for his great Teaching skills,also the manner in which he provides you with the skills you need to become a Confident & Safe Rider. If You are One of the many many Future Riders out there give Ted a call,so you to can enjoy the freedom & excitement on the open road, Thanks heaps Ted.


Ninja Rider

Cheers ted for your patience and experience to get me through those u-turns and emergency stops in time for me to pass my unrestricted license. Your years of experience was well worth using you as an instructor and I will pass on to anyone esle that wants a bike license. I now have a yamaha 650cc v-star cruiser, happy days. Heres to many more years of safe riding, regards Len

Len Tideswell

Another win for ted

To say that I was a beginner when Ted first started to teach me is a gross understatement. Due to a bad experience elsewhere my confidence was completely shot from the get go. Not only did Ted teach me safe, practical riding techniques, using language and examples that I could grasp, but he restored my confidence to a point where I can?t wait to get my own two wheeled machine and just ride for the hell of it. Seriously, if I can pass first time under Teds? expert guidance, anybody can. It?s that simpe. Thanks for everything Ted, I'll see you out there!!!


One Happy Pohm

Hadn,t ridden a bike for about thirty years and got the urge to give it a go again. Teds Patience and instructions were second to none. He had me ready for my test after 4 lessons, past first time,


I came to ted, green as grass clipping's. Ridden a bike (RM125) on a farm one time, crashed it, and told Ted: Yeah Yeah, i 've ridden plenty of dirt bikes... lol I didn't want to look like a goof, but Ted was Tha BomB! in a couple of lesson's he'd taught me throttle and clutch controll. Couple more I was up to riding on the road, head check's ect.. Two lesson's after that, I got my R-E licencee. Pro in 6 lesson's :) My hand's first up for being a slow learner, but Ted is an awesome Instructor and alway's found a way to teach me what I needed to know. I couldn't have found a better instructor, Ted your the BomB!!

Michael Elliott

Pro - in 6 lesson's :)

I took 4 lessons with Ted before going for my test and was very satisfied with the outcome. I had never ridden before this and now i am very confident to ride by myself on the road. He started off by teaching me the basics and mechanics of how a bike works before advancing on to the actual riding of a bike as i was new too it. By the third lesson i was very pleased with what i had learnt in such a short time, Ted really takes the time to explain in detail anything you need or want too know about riding a motorbike, i could tell right from the start he was very passionate about what he does and was a pleasure too be shown how to ride by him. I would recommend anyone who is looking too go for their bike licence too get shown how too ride by Ted as he is a patient and dedicated teacher with the knowledge to match. Kris Skamperle Stoked Rider


stoked rider

I was afraid of motorbikes/scooters and never thought I would be riding one. Recently my husband bought a scooter and I had a go. I was terrified but wanted to beat this fear. We were referred to Ted and he was brilliant. He helped me get over my fear and pass my bike test winthin a month. Thanks Ted and I will definately recommend you to anyone interested in learning how to ride. Carol P.S. Anyone reading this and see's my wihite scooter on the road, be kind Im still a little nervous haha


Thanks Ted

I found Ted very easy to talk to, firstly he explains how the motor bike works then begins training you how to ride it correctly. He is honest and patient, he found my weak spots concentrated on them and I passed my test with confidence - thanks Ted


Happy rider

Ted helped me achieve my goal of owning and riding a motorbike. His tuition was helpful not only teaching the basics of riding (ie starting and stopping) but also teaching more advanced skills being roadcraft and positioning. I have no doubt his instruction has made me a better and safer rider. Ted is a great bloke to boot and i am sure anyone thinking about hopping on a bike would have absolutely no regrets choosing Ted as an instructor.

Cam Warnes

stoked rider

Ted is an excellent instructor, easy to learn from and makes you feel comfortable during the process. Prior to obtaining my license, I had very little riding experience and some bad habits. He concentrated on my weak points and made me a better, safer rider in no time. Thanks to Ted I am a safe and confident rider who will be upgrading to my Class R license in the near future, using Ted for guidance and instruction.



Ted is a dedicated, patient, well trained and experienced instructor who will not only teach you how to ride a motorcycle, but more importantly, he will teach you the necessary awareness and defensive riding skills you will need to be able to confidently and safely apply out on the road after you pass your test. He will not just give you the bare minimum riding experience necessary to pass your test, he will put in the extra efforts to make sure YOU are comfortable out on the roads so that you can enjoy this wonderful lifestyle for many years to come. Ted is a top bloke and will adjust his teaching for the individual. This is more than just a job to Ted he is highly dedicated and he will put his up most efforts into teaching you, down to the point that he will go home at night and still be thinking and brainstorming new ideas for how he can help you improve your confidence and riding. Like he did for me.

Kyle Roberts

Kyle Roberts

I decided at the age of 46 that I wanted to learn to ride a bike and following a few lessons with Ted passed my test. Not only was I taught just the technicalities of bike riding I was also taught , with patience and professionalism , how to ride safely and defensively. Ted has the ability to interpret an individual's needs and teach his lessons accordingly..... I hope you enjoy learning as much as I did .


Happy Motorbike Rider

hi im a 47 year old granmother , i had a dream of being able to ride a motor bike,id grown up around them with my dad and brothers however i never got around to even sitting on one. over the years due to family and committments it just didnt happen, until one day at the age of 47 i decided it was time.Igot in touch with Ted and i didnt look back i went from never having sat on a bike to getting my licence every thing was done with the utmost care for my saftey and at the pace that was right for me .Ted has got to be the most patient person i have met and excels in his field it was a pleasure to be taught by him i now have my licence and my own bike and look forward to many years of fun thanks Ted

Kerry Liptay

Grateful Grannie